A Beginner’s Guide to Making Perfect Couscous


Are you looking for a delicious and easy-to-make side dish that’s perfect for any occasion? Look no further than couscous! This delightful North African grain is simple to prepare, requires few ingredients, and can be adapted to suit just about any flavor profile. In this beginner’s guide to making perfect couscous, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to make the best possible version of this versatile dish. From selecting the correct type of couscous and cooking it correctly to adding flavorful seasonings and toppings – we’ve got all your questions covered. So let’s start your journey towards culinary perfection with our ultimate guide to making perfect couscous!

What is couscous?

What is couscous

Couscous is a staple food of North African cuisine, made from tiny granules of semolina flour. It’s light and fluffy, making it the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Whether you’re looking for a side dish or an entree, couscous can provide a delicious and nutritious addition to your plate. With its versatility and ease of preparation, couscous has become increasingly popular as people discover how easy it is to make at home. In this beginner’s guide to making perfect couscous, we will cover all the basics so you can start cooking delicious meals with this versatile grain!

Where can you buy couscous, and how does it cost?

Couscous is widely available in most grocery stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. The cost of couscous varies based on the brand and type; you can find it for as little as a few dollars or up to around $10 for a larger quantity. Generally speaking, plain couscous is less expensive than flavored.

What should I pay attention to when cooking with couscous?

When cooking with couscous, there are several things to keep in mind.

The first is to make sure you use the correct type of couscous. There are two main types of couscous – the traditional North African variety, made from semolina flour, and the Israeli variety, a smaller grain made from bulgur wheat. The conventional type is slightly larger and has a chewier texture, while the Israeli couscous is smaller and has a more delicate flavor.

Next, knowing how much liquid you need when preparing couscous is essential. The general rule of thumb is to use one cup of juice for every cup of couscous. Two cups of broth or water are usually enough if you’re using the traditional couscous. For Israeli couscous, one and a half cups of liquid usually does the trick.

How to cook couscous:


– 1 cup of couscous (either traditional or Israeli)

– 1 cup of broth or water – ¼ teaspoon of salt (optional)

  1. Choose the correct type of couscous for your dish. Traditional North African couscous is made from semolina flour, whereas Israeli couscous is a smaller grain made from bulgur wheat. The conventional variety has a chewier texture and is slightly larger, while the Israeli couscous is smaller and has a more delicate flavor.
  2. Measure the right amount of liquid for the couscous. Use one cup of juice for every cup of couscous, two cups of broth or water for traditional couscous, and one and a half cups for Israeli couscous.

Add boiling water to couscous

  1. Toast the couscous before you cook it if desired. This will add depth of flavor and a subtle nuttiness to your dish. Toss the couscous in a hot skillet until evenly golden brown, then transfer to a saucepan with the boiling liquid.
  2. Allow the couscous to sit undisturbed after transferring the boiling liquid. Cover with a lid and let sit for 10 minutes until all of the liquid has been absorbed.
  3. Fluff up the couscous with a clean fork and add flavor as desired. Feel free to jazz up your couscous by adding spices or herbs before serving!

What is the best side to serve with?

A great side dish to serve with couscous is roasted vegetables. Roasted vegetables are a delicious and nutritious way to get a good serving of vitamins and minerals. Not only are they flavorful, but they are also easy to prepare. All you need is simple ingredients like your favorite seasonal vegetables, oil, salt, and pepper, and you can have a delicious side or main dish in just minutes!

What are the best proteins to cook with couscous?

  1. Chicken: Chicken breasts or thighs work well with couscous and can be grilled, roasted, or sautéed to add flavor and texture.
  2. Lamb: Slow-cooked lamb or lamb chops are great for a hearty and flavorful meal.
  3. Seafood: Lightly seared or grilled fish, shrimp, or scallops complement the delicate flavor of couscous.
  4. Vegetables: Grilled or roasted vegetables, such as zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant, provide a healthy and flavorful addition to couscous.
  5. Tofu: Firm tofu can be cubed and pan-fried for a vegetarian option.


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